Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

It's about time I got some pictures up here. This is what I've been up to recently. They're in order of first made to last made. The first one is my very first attempt. A little shabby, because I didn't burn the edges of the ribbon so you can see a bit of unraveling going on there. Plus, I didn't sew the clip part on, I just hot glued it so after a few uses that broke. xD From now on I'll be sewing everything together, and the glue will be extra hold.

This next one was pretty simple to make, but it took me a while simply because this fabric is a pain to get it to do what you want. Anyway, this one is sewn onto a plain old bobby pin, which actually works out really well. Bobby pins are my new best friend, and I wish I had learned how to use them sooner. (Yes, that's right, I never really knew how to properly utilize a bobby pin.)

Thanks to my sister for letting me borrow her sewing machine! I just made a simple drawstring bag. I need some practice before I move on to something I'd actually be upset about if I messed it up. I'll probably be using this to put my shoes in when I have to pack my suitcase for whatever reason. (Like my week long vacation in December!!!)

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