Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Sims 3 Generations

So...been playing the sims, and doing minimal other things. I like everything they've added to the game with this expansion pack, but this is really something that could have and should have been implemented in the game from the start! But no, why would they do that? This way they make more money! ...I'm sure there are people that have simply given up on supporting the sims series because of EA being retarded about it in so many ways, but I don't think it's really making that much of an impact or they might have actually released a WORKING GAME. I mean really. Five hours after the release, tons of people still couldn't play, because they work "working on the problem" meaning, they're trying to make a patch real quick so we can at least start the game up. (hell, we couldn't even INSTALL without this patch) Later, they'll come out with another patch to fix bugs in the expansion pack, and fix what this pack inevitable will mess up from the other packs.

So there's the end of my little rant. Don't get me wrong, I love the game and I enjoy it a lot. I just think it's in their best interest to work on some basic concepts, like releasing working products and maybe also when they make a new game (like sims 4) they start off with some aspects that they expanded upon in the last version of the game instead of rehashing old expansions. LIKE PETS. I want pets, dammit!


  1. Haha. The Sims has definitely gotten a lot better, but I'd honestly much rather play it on console. When my brother rented it (oh-so-long ago) it was a lot of fun because it gave you a lot more to do, a lot less Sims to take care of, and most importantly, it was multi-player, which made the fun a hell of a lot more fun.

    But I would honestly much rather devote my time and energy towards other games like the new Elder Scrolls that's coming out. I've heard some awesome things about it, like that the game actually adapts to your style of play and generates challenges based on your choices in the game. Wow! Gaming has come so far.

    I just wish they would hurry up and get virtual reality going for gamers. -.-;

  2. The last sims console game I played lagged SO much! I didn't bother with them after that. xD

    I still find time to play other games, but I only really play two others at the moment. Gaia and League of Legends. Every once in a while I'll play some Harvest Moon, but other than that I'm set.

    Virtual reality? Hahaha, we're getting there.