Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kitchen adventures, plus some art!

I think instead of going out to eat Saturday, I might try this. I was going to try it out today, but seeing as the kitchen is a mess I know by the time I get done cleaning all the pots and pans I won't want to do anything more than eat a sandwich. All I have to say for the gyoza is, if it's even close to the tastiness of the gyoza I get at a restaurant near here, it will be amazing. Hopefully I will like this even more though, so I'll never have to go out for gyoza again! Hahaha!

I was thinking about having my boyfriend take a video of it while I try this out for the first time. That could be fun, or it might take me twice as long, because I know he's going to be a pain and be silly about it. *rolls eyes* But then again, it might make it that much more fun to watch, right? As if watching me fail in the kitchen isn't already fun enough!

If you're like me, and you love awesome jewelry, illustrations, and other art-related things, check out this blog: La Bella Ironia. I always find something helpful or just plain amazing when I go there, so do take a minute to poke around. If you really love polymer clay jewelry, just head straight over to Erin's Etsy shop! I've bought two of her necklaces already and I LOVE them! She takes commissions too, and she's really sweet, so don't be afraid to send her an email. ^^

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