Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sims Picture Post

Well, by popular demand, (meaning my sister asked me to 3 times) I will be posting some pictures from my sims game. This particular save has an 8 person household that I've been playing, and it's pretty tiring to keep up with all of them. lol! Unfortunately, it's been over a week since I've played this save, so I'm not sure which sim is which... There are a lot of boys, okay? Plus I messed up and the screenies are all out of order, so keep in mind it isn't chronological. Just random snapshots from the game, cropped and re-sized in photoshop for your viewing pleasure. ;)

Birthday party for the twins:

Giving the romantic interest flowers:

Pillow fighting with her imaginary friend:

Took a toddler for a stroll, then to ride the silly springy thingys:


Her imaginary friend/doll grows up with her:

Playing make believe:

The newborn with her doll:

A good friend visiting, (yay preggers!):

Takin' a stroll:

Writing thank-yous for...I don't remember. They didn't have a wedding party:

Preggers! And...mac n cheese


Pillow fight ensues:

And that's all for today. After all that, I think I might just go to sleep. I'm so exhausted from work and I actually don't think I have the energy to play any video games even. I just need to lie down and let my sore muscles recuperate. Maybe some candles, music, and a good book? Oh yes, and mini chocolate eclairs! <3


  1. haha. Looks like the Sims really has gone a long ways since their last installment. Almost makes me want to play it, but with Skyrim coming out and great games like Dragon Age that I haven't touched, I'm content with just playing pokemon quietly in my room. lol.

    Also, that doll is freakin' creepy! If I had one of those irl when I was growing up, I probably would have beat it into submission just cuz I was scared of it and wanted it to know that I'm much more powerful than it. lol.

    Yea... I used to do that as a kid. Stuffed animals are creepy sometimes.

  2. Squee!!! Thank you so much for posting these! I'm glad I make a difference! LOL.

    What kind of personality does your imaginary friend have? Mine is super nice and friendly. Some people have reported getting an evil one that plays tricks on the other members of the family!

  3. @Koi - Hahaha, that doll is creepy! I have two of them! xD But, I wanted to play through some kids that have one just to see all the silly things they can do. Apparently, if I get one of my sims to make a transmogrification potion (don't quote me on the name, lol) I can turn him into a real person...even have him marry the girl. Which makes me wonder, can you have the doll/person marry someone he didn't grow up with?

    Of course you make a difference. As long as one person is reading/seeing and enjoying it, I'll keep posting. :)

    I don't remember what kind of personality he has. Like I said, it's been a while. I'm gonna hop in game right now and play for a bit. I'll try to get pics/names/traits of everyone though it might take me so long I don't really get to play. Have to work in an hour. That's okay though.